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Asset Management Software Features

Asset Management Resources

  1. Asset Management Overview
  2. Introduction to 4 Major Packages
  3. Software Comparison Overview Table
  4. Detailed Comparison of Features

Detailed Comparison of Features

All packages come with a healthy array of features based on a core set of business requirements. Data goes in, data comes out. In the middle it gets queried, manipulated and processed. Financial calculations, help desk and mobile support are often pretty critical to organizations, and compatibility with existing systems can be the decisive factor. Which are your most important considerations?

BrandRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
BarcodingYesYesYesYes, opt. $2000.00
Stock Control - ConsumablesYes, w. count sheetsYesNo (opt) $995.00Yes, +$2000
Web Based (option)
Client Server
Web Based (option)
Role-based securityYes, programmable 6 levels 
Major benefitPrice, simplicityScalable 1-100 userException Reports
Includes source code
Complex Deprec.
Many associated modules
Asset DetailRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
Serial NumberYes, IP, MACYesYesYes, IP, MAC
Insurance recordYesYes, user defined fld.NoNo
Movement historyYesYes, full audit trailYes, date & timeYes
Employee assign.YesYesYesYes
Employee historyYesYesYesYes
Check in/check outNo (opt) $495.00Yes includedNo (opt) $2395.00No
Purchase priceYesYesYesYes
Current ValueNoYesYesYes
Warr./ Maint. datesYesYesYesYes
Lease/Rental info.YesYes, with alarmsYesYes
Asset vendorYes, optional fieldYesYesYes
Service providerYes, optional fieldYesYesYes
User defined fields15Unlimitied4 plus 24 on pg. 29
Disposal statusYes, optional fieldYes, in audit trailYesYes
Queries by...RedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
Multiple fieldsNoYesNoYes
Asset classYesYesYesYes
Cost centerYesYesYesYes
Import/ExportRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
Import existing dataYes, ExcelYes, comma del etcYes to AccessYes
Export of AccountingNoBatch onlyNoYes
Associate files with recordsPhoto, prod. manualYes, Unlim., PhotoYes, PhotoPhoto, Floorplan
Standard report formats9+9017100's
Report GeneratorNo (buy Crystal)No (buy Crystal)No, alter w. AccessYes
Handheld ReadersRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
SupportOptionalYesYes, CE basedYes "CatScan", CE
BrandSymbol Pocket PC, et. Al.Symbol Pocket PC, MC55, 75, 9090GSymbol Pocket PC, et. Al.Symbol Pocket PC, et. Al.
BatchNo, (cabled scanner)Yes, AppGen $750YesYes, AppGen $500
WirelessNoYes, AppGen $750NoYes, AppGen $500
PDA SoftwareRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
Capture itemYes, Mobile version single user $1195.00YesYes, Access includedYes
Audit downloaded assetsNoYes, AppGen routineNoYes
Print reportsNoNoNoYes
Stock auditOptionalSeparate ModuleSeparate ModuleYes
Goods receivablesNoYesNoYes
Asset movesYesYesYesYes
Financial CalculationsRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
BarcodingYesYesYesYes, opt. $2000.00
Simple DepreciationYes (SL, 150%, DD)Yes (SL, DD, etc.)Yes (SL,100, 150, DD, Years of use) Yes, +$2000, complex Deprec.
GAAP Depreciation No?NoYes
IRS DepreciationNo?NoYes
Depreciation - mult. sets / assetNoNoNoYes
Depreciation SetsBookOne per asset5, one per assetBook, tax, cost, etc.
Insurance revalue calculationsNoNoNoYes
Help Desk HW/SWRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
HistoryYesYesNoYes, +$3000
Diagnostic toolsNoYes (attach file)NoYes
Preventative MaintenanceRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
Asset HistoryNoYesNoYes, +$3000
Work order gen.NoYesNoYes
Forcast & scheduleNo1-2 alarms/assetNoYes
Cost per assetNoYesNoYes
PurchasingRedBeamWiseTrack (TVL)IntelliTrackHardcat
Requisition routingNoNoNoYes
Asset PO genNoYesNoYes
BudgetingNoBatches to contractNoYes
Asset deliveryNoYesNoYes