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What is the right material for your asset tags?

We offer 5 different materials so that you can get the right tag at the best possible price. That does not mean, however, that the least expensive tag is the right choice – what you want is the tag that provides the best, overall life-cycle value in your environment.

That being said, how do you decide? It really all depends upon where the tags are going to be used, and how long the assets to which they are attached will be in service.

For example, a vinyl tag is generally not recommended for outdoor use due to its low resistance to the effects of UV. But, if you are trying to identify something that will be in an outdoor yard for a week or less, vinyl might be a great value.

The following table summarizes some of the differences of the vinyl, polyester, surface-printed aluminum and subsurface-printed aluminum tags that we offer:

Vinyl Asset Tags

Our vinyl asset tags are an economical solution for those applications where your assets are going to be in light duty indoor service. The barcode and other information is printed on the surface of .0038” thick vinyl, backed with a general purpose adhesive.

Polyester Asset Tags

An economical alternative to aluminum tags, polyester asset tags perform best in moderate environments. The graphic images are printed on the underside of the clear polyester material and fused with a durable substrate. Polyester asset tags deliver flexible, long-lasting protection.

Metalized Polyester Asset Tags

These tags offer all of the performance characteristics of our polyester tags, but with the attractive look of aluminum.

Surface-Printed Aluminum Asset Tags

These tags are digitally printed with UV inks on .005” thick aluminum, providing very high durability identification for your assets. The tags are backed with 3M® 9453 adhesive for lifetime attachment.

Subsurface-Printed Aluminum Asset Tags

The durable photographic and screen-printed images are embedded deep within the surface of the aluminum tag and permanently protected from a lifetime of wear and abuse by a tough, clear anodized surface. The final product is pure aluminum providing superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals and harsh environmental conditions.

Subsurface-Printed Aluminum asset tags are the pinnacle of this manufacturing art, resisting the most extreme conditions and ensuring solid protection and tracking for the life of your assets. For those who prefer the very best, it’s Subsurface-Printed Aluminum.