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Who Wants to be an Asset Tag?

Asset Tags face Extreme Temperatures

Alliance sells asset tags which stick to company property like barcoded barnacles. They’re not very sexy. No one has ever created an asset tag swimsuit issue or pin-up calendar. They are not commonly associated with rave parties, ecstasy and debauched debutantes. Neither the taste of a new generation nor the pause that refreshes. They fly low below the radar (about .12 mm) and inhabit dark places only barcode scanners will seek out. Most major companies employ property identification labels to track their most valued assets, but their virtues go largely unsung — much like the company janitor. It’s no fun being an asset tag.

Polished Mettle

But asset tags are also people-friendly — sporting bright colors, fancy logos and spiffy sequential numbers. They’re often found paired up with hot items like precious paintings, exquisite furniture and mission-critical equipment. They’re tough and reliable too! Armed with super-permanent adhesive they cling to heavy-duty machinery baking in the scorching desert sun or encrusted with dirty frozen sludge. Vandals will scratch them up and Visigoths will try to pry them off. Later someone will come by with a barcode scanner and get a good read. If companies operated by military protocol, asset tags would’ve been promoted to Major General for their major dedication and general service. Their exemplary mettle and strength go beyond tough aluminum and polyester, deeper than the graphics embedded beneath the surface to the core of their purpose: withstanding brutal conditions to secure valuable property.

Many customers are proud to affix property tags to their prized possessions. An asset tag is a badge of authority, deterring threats with its mere presence. It defines the asset as a valuable item requiring added security.

Asset Tags resist Harsh Chemicals

Thing of Beauty

Besides its outstanding service record, the tag itself is something to behold. Each is a work of art. With a lustrous surface emblazoned with powerful graphics, asset labels shine like a brand new sports car and often improve the appearance of the objects they accompany.

It’s amazing such a tremendous value can be purchased for pocket change.

Mum’s the Word!

Alliance Tag maintains low prices for high-quality asset tags by perpetuating the tags’ underdog image. If the common property identification label were to achieve celebrity status their prices would skyrocket. They’d demand recognition for their valiant efforts and become intolerable prima donnas requiring an entourage and a double-mocha latte between appearances. Public awareness of asset tags would increase and the market would be flooded with competition. To keep its edge Alliance would have to advertise during the Super Bowl and sponsor popular TV shows like American Label and Who Wants to be an Asset Tag? So keep it on the low-down to keep prices down low.

Asset Tags get Vandalized and Abused

But word will get out eventually. Every business day thousands of asset tags fly out of AllianceTag’s manufacturing headquarters into client’s hands and onto their treasured assets. Satisfied clients tell their business associates. With loving care each new label is rendered. With lightning speed and laser accuracy each batch is produced and delivered. Our quality and performance are our competitive edge, but our reputation is our most prized asset.