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Asset Management Software Prices

Asset Management Resources

  1. Asset Management Overview
  2. Introduction to 4 Major Packages
  3. Software Comparison Overview Table
  4. Detailed Comparison of Features

Cost : License

For most companies cost, number of licenses and main features will be the most important considerations. Most packages have a base price for a single-user license and/or core module, with the price escalating for additional licenses, expanded features and additional modules.

User-Defined Fields

Asset management software typically includes many commonly used fields built-in — Name, ID, location, acquisition date, warranty and service information, serial number, description and specifications, cost, depreciation and so forth. Additional asset-specific fields are often available. For instance, fields for a computer might include a list of components and software installed while fields for a vehicle might include engine specs, VIN and mileage. Most major software packages also support additional user-defined fields.

Symbol MC9090-G Handheld Wireless Barcode Scanner

Data Capture

Data is usually entered by manually typing or selecting from options, importing from a file or database, or scanning a barcode or RFID tag or chip. When using handheld scanners not hard-wired to a system the data is often captured and batch-processed the next time the scanner returns to its cradle. Wireless portable barcode collectors (PDC) and PDAs can also transmit and update the database in real-time. Enterprise-level software packages like WiseTrack and Hardcat also tout web interfaces through which data can entered and managed.


At the heart of asset management is a relational database. Almost all are built on the robust, industry-standard SQL server. Of the four packages reviewed here only IntelliTrack utilizes Microsoft’s widely used and highly compatible Access database management system.

Software Comparison Overview Table

BrandCost : LicenseUser-Defined FieldsData CaptureDatabase and
Software Compatibility
RedBeam$695 : Single User - Std15BatchSQL Database
$1295 : Five User - Std
$1795 : Single User- Mobile
$3495 : Five User - Mobile
DMS Fixed Assets
$1895 : Single User28BatchAccess Database

Express CE to PDT
$2995 : Three User
WiseTrack$2195 : Single User
$439 : Tech-Support
UnlimitedBatch, Wireless or WebSQL Database
$3995 : Dual User
$760 : Tech-Support
Hardcat Asset Tracking$6000 : Single User
Add’l seats available
9Batch, Wireless or WebSQL Database

Pocket PC and CE to Portables, API to other systems
$2000 : Barcode Module
$3000 : Preventive Maintenance
$2000 : Depreciation Module
$2000 : Stock Module
$3000 : Help Desk Module


The extensive features of each asset management software package will be discussed in more detail on the next page.


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